Testimonials from our patients:

“Several years ago I separated my shoulder. I started working out differently than I normally do about 3 months ago and re-injured the shoulder. I stopped doing that workout for several weeks hoping to heal, with no such luck. I came in and over the course of several weeks with several treatments per week, to treat my injury. The treatments using a laser and massage therapy helped my mobility to come back into my shoulder after just a couple of treatments. The pain also seemed to go away very quickly. After all my treatments concluded over several weeks, I was able to sleep again without pain and I have resumed my workouts (with slight modifications). It has only been a couple of weeks since I concluded my treatments and I am already back to about 80% strength with no issues.

Thank you! Ryan S. - Crestwood, KY

I have recommended this treatment plan to my mother who has a foot injury and will continue to do so to anyone I encounter that has any type of injury.”

-David C. - LaGrange, KY

“Dr. Brown is a warm and friendly person who immediately puts you at ease. He spends quality time with me as a patient and his comprehensive initial exam discovered the root cause of my hip and back pain I have suffered from during much of my adult life. I am grateful that under his care I have regained my range of motion and have been able to resume my regular routine and exercise. In fact, I trust him to treat my three children, so they can avoid and prevent the difficulties I have personally encountered.”

- Jennifer S. - Louisville, KY

“I started seeing Dr. Brown for two problems. Severe pain in my neck left from spinal fusion and lower back pain with pain and numbness in my leg. After the 1st two weeks of treatment the pain in the leg was gone. As the treatment progressed I noticed less headaches and have gone days at a time without pain in my neck. I have tried other pain management treatments and to date Dr. Brown has improved most of my symptoms.”

- Mary Jo W. - Louisville, KY

“I was in a car accident in the early 80’s and didn’t realize I had been injured. My neck shows the beginning of degenerative disc disease, but Dr. Brown has helped restore my degree of movement and alleviate my pain. I couldn’t be happier with my results” - Tammy J. - Crestwood, KY “When I first started coming to see Dr. Brown I was unable to stand more than about ten minutes without severe pain in my low back and feet. I have been seeing Dr. Brown one month, and already the pain is no longer in my legs and almost gone in my low back and feet…Dr. Brown is the most humble and compassionate doctor I have ever met. He has a real passion for helping his patients.”

- Pat R. - Lagrange, KY

“I have suffered for the last several years with back pain, stiffness in legs, and numbness in feet and toes. I was desperate for some relief. I had gone to a number of doctors with no real relief, except a pill to mask the pain. After my first visit to Dr. Brown’s office, he gave me hope that I could get better. Having completed 2 weeks of treatments my pain is SO much better. I would highly recommend Crestwood Chiropractic to anyone with back or leg pain.”

- Doris B. - Louisville, KY

“When my low back pain began almost 18 months ago, I attributed it to old age (70 years old). I eventually visited my primary care doctor. After an examination she couldn’t pin point the cause and ordered a CT Scan of the abdomen…no problems there. She then ordered an MRI…again no problems…next she took X-Rays, still nothing…she finally suggested I seek physical therapy. After 2 weeks, there was no improvement. I then decided to see Dr. Brown…I am almost pain free and would definitely recommend his treatment!

- Shirley W. - Jeffersonville, IN

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